Assuming that chance, and creativity, favor the prepared mind, I have studied art and art history. I have a BFA in painting. My real passion is collage.

I collect bits and pieces of things as they appear in my daily life whether I'm traveling or walking down the street where I live. They could be remnants of metal fabrications, a partial page from a notebook, the torn corner of a newspaper or a bottle cap. As I repurpose society's refuse in this way a collage can seem to be less a work of mine and more a creation that passes through me.

My work is ultimately about the faith I have in my ability to effect this transformation and the resulting joy I find in the doing of it. I sign my work “Francesca” with the date when the work is finished.  

I was born in New York City and raised in New Jersey. Currently I live in Atlanta.

B.F.A. 1970, The Cooper Union, NYC, New York


Franca Nucci Haynes
(404) 307-1712